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OfflinePhoto of Sophia Mong'i
December 11, 2014

ReachUp! provides a new hope for women to become entrepreneurs

Sophia Mong'i

In this blog, DOT Tanzania Intern Sophia Mong’i shares her excitement in taking on a class full of women. She says this intake is different from her other groups of participants. She has always been passionate about empowering women, and this class is encouraging for her: she is facilitating to a class of 53 participants, 15 of whom are male and 38 are female.

OfflinePhoto of Charles Mapuli
December 9, 2014

Lessons learned from the first cohort of StartUp! participants

Charles Mapuli

In this blog, Charles, a DOT Tanzania Intern, shares his experience facilitating the first batch of StartUp! participants since the launch in October. Since this was the first group of participants, the session had its successes and challenges. In this post, he talks about the methods he used for recruitment, the nature of his participants, and how he managed to build a strong team.

OfflinePhoto of Emmanuel Mujini
December 4, 2014

DOT Tanzania Intern defeated the odds and his fears the day he became a fac…

Emmanuel Mujini

In this blog, DOT Tanzania Intern Emmanuel shares his long-time fear. Prior to joining DOT, he had tried all means possible to build self confidence, but found his efforts were in vain. He went through a series of training as part of the Intern Learning Experience, and before he knew it, his fear was gone.

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