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OfflinePhoto of Batman Poyo
August 21, 2014

ReachUp! Participant Improves Honey Business with Digital Networking Skills

Batman Poyo

In this blog DOT Tanzania Intern Batman Poyo shares an inspiring story about Lelida, a ReachUp! program participant. He describes how he coached her towards working on her personal network to get more customers for her business.

OfflinePhoto of Philipo Stephen
August 13, 2014

ReachUp! Participant Testimony: DOT Helped Me Revive My Collapsed Business

Philipo Stephen

DOT Tanzania Intern, Philipo Steven, shares a testimony from a ReachUp! Participant who revived her business of selling ice through attending the program

OfflinePhoto of Sabato Kigongo
August 6, 2014

DOT Equipped Me With Skills To Put My Business Idea Into Reality

Sabato Kigongo

In this blog, DOT Tanzania Intern Sabato shares with a Q&A with one of the ReachUp! program beneficiaries at Mwenge Teachers Resource Center.

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