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After facing multiple challenges in business, Ukawa's only choice was to become a stay at home mom. All this changed when she enrolled in our ReachUp! business sessions and learned different skills that have now set her apart in her women community. Her story!

Elia is a 19 year old ReachUp! beneficiary, who has been inspired to start up the initiative "People Inspiration" that focuses on providing motivational talks and career guidance to students. With the digital skills he has acquired from DOT, designed a logo and social media pages for his initiative. He has gained a competitive edge in business and he is setting out to be a role model to his peers who are struggling with unemployment. As his mentor, I am inspired to share his journey!

January 7, 2016

I feel so proud empowering and changing lives of my peers

Mwanaharusi Selemani

Mwanaharusi, a DOT Tanzania Intern, shares her first success story from the field. The Interns were deployed in mid-September to VETA centers to deliver the ReachUp! program and also support VETA Teacher Facilitators in delivering the TeachUp! program.

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