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January 7, 2016

I feel so proud empowering and changing lives of my peers

Mwanaharusi Selemani

Mwanaharusi, a DOT Tanzania Intern, shares her first success story from the field. The Interns were deployed in mid-September to VETA centers to deliver the ReachUp! program and also support VETA Teacher Facilitators in delivering the TeachUp! program.

January 4, 2016

Interning for social good

Kelvin Gauza

Kelvin is a DOT Tanzania Intern delivering DOT's signature program ReachUp! at VETA Kihonda, Morogoro. After nearly two months of facilitating the program, he has a lot to share, from bittersweet experiences to changing his perception about doing social good and being a mentor to over 60 young men and women in his community.

Editha is a DOT Tanzania Intern alumni who participated in a two week trip to Canada from November 30th through December 13th. She was selected to represent her fellow Interns and share the impact of DOT Tanzania's programs as well as her own journey as an entrepreneur. It was an experience that Editha says was unexpected but life-changing. We caught up with Editha for a Q&A session.

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