Ester is DOT Youth program facilitator and Social Innovator. She joined the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) in 2017 and took the path of community leader so she can deliver the ReachUp! Program to her community in Pwani, an eastern region in Tanzania with a population of over   1 million people.

Even after impacting the livers of nearly 200 Pwani Youth and Women Ester wanted to do more, and so she took the next path and became a social innovator/entrepreneur. She did her research and found out there was a lot she could do to help solve problems facing her beloved community.

The YPL Program has opened my eyes to so many opportunities including ways of creating innovative solutions for my rural community in Pwani

Ester found out that most of young girls in her Pwani community were dropping out of school due to some socio-economic factors including, poverty, unemployment and initiation ceremonies (where teenage girls are taught how to lead a marriage life) witch obviously leads to early marriages. She chose to open a tailoring center with a catch.

My tailoring center will not just be about tailoring, it will be a place to empower young girls and women by teaching them ICT, Entrepreneurial skills to give the confidence to take charge of their lives and free to make their own decisions in life

My social enterprise is aiming to reach Sustainable Development Goal number five that is “Gender equality” I am to create gender equality in Kibaha-Kongowe, Pwani.

Ester currently has one one tailoring machine and works at home but her vision is to have a bigger more equipped center so she can impact the lives of more young girls and women.

I am saving for my Vision to expand my Social enterprises so as I can reach many young girls and Single mothers who live miserable life that found at remote/ rural areas apart from Kibaha District

We believe in Ester and she has proven to be a true youth leader and social innovator by working hard, professionally and setting a great example to other youth. She is our July Youth of the Month.  

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