Eustina: It feels so good to be financially free


Eustina used to have to carry her clothes door to door, looking for customers to sell her textiles to in order to support herself. It was exhausting, time-consuming and her products were moving too slow to make her any real money, forcing her to be financially dependent on her parents. Now, thanks to her participation in DOT programs, she is using her new skills to advertise her clothes online.

To Eustina, the business world looked very intimidating, and she feared that others would laugh at her struggles if she were to try and establish her initiative. This all changed when she participated in DOT’s training programs.

Eustina was introduced to DOT Tanzania’s Entrepreneurial and Digital skills programs through Plan International, our implementation partner in Mwanza region. During the program (which was facilitated by one of the DOT alumnus youth leaders) Eustina was introduced to basic entrepreneurial and digital skills. The courses taught her how to save for her vision, customer care and business management. She now puts all her savings on mobile wallet to keep herself from overspending.

It’s like a fog has been lifted, I am a completely new person, says Eustina. I was able to save up my income, and now I’ve built this amazing clothing shop!

Like many youth, Eustina thought of social media only as a platform to brag about where you have been and who are you with. Her mindset was changed when she learned that most of her customers can be reached through social media platforms. She began incorporating social media into her business and business plan, and says that the difference has been like night and day –  she can’t believe the market that she had been missing out on.

“It feels great to be financially independent, I decide what to do with my money. I dress well, I eat well I can even go have fun with no worries because I am spending my own money” She says. 


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