Daring to Shift is Equipping 10,000 Tanzanian Youth with Digital Skills

Digital Opportunity Trust DOT Tanzania Daring To Shift Project

DOT Tanzania is currently implementing the Daring to Shift Project 2020-2023. This is an innovative and creative multinational program that supports youth and young women as social innovators and change-makers in their communities. Daring to Shift is Equipping 10,000 Tanzanian youth with digital skills, life skills, and 21st-century skills for business and employment.

A partnership with the Government of Canada, with Daring to Shift DOT is creating an ecosystem of partners who recognize the urgency to create opportunities for young women and men to contribute to the economic growth and social health of their communities in their local contexts.

Over 4 years, the initiative will support over 300 local youth as leaders of change who will reach over 10,000 community members in Arusha, Dar Es Salaam, Dodoma, Iringa, Kigoma, Morogoro, Mwanza, Tabora, Tanga, Pwani, North Pemba and Mjini Magharibi.  Supporting digital literacy, workforce skills, entrepreneurship, and social innovation, Daring to Shift will stimulate the creation of digital jobs, digital businesses, and local enterprises that respond to community-based needs and local value chains.

70% of participants will be young women – a critical force for leadership, growth, resilience, and recovery. And a mindset shift that underpins a major system change.

Daring to Shift is equipping 10,000 Tanzanian youth with digital skills through a network of over 50 partners who host DOTYouth, mobilize community participants and share best practices. These partners include Education Institutions, NGOs, CBOs, and Local governments.

Driven by “feet on the street”, Daring to Shift trusts young people as co-designers of the program, drivers of their own livelihoods, and peer-to-peer trainers, coaches, mentors, and role models in their communities – and co-interpreters of the future world of work and its markets of opportunity.

Digital Bussiness Program

The digital business pillar of DOT’s daring to shift project supports youth business owners with small and informal businesses to identify and leverage relevant technology to improve their business outcomes. Participants develop competencies in literacy, gender equality, entrepreneurship, and 21st-century skills with practical application to their businesses and their goals as business owners. They also develop connections to networks of peers, mentors, and business support organizations.

  • Youth increase their digital and business skills.
  • Youth are connected to an ecosystem of business that supports young business owners to grow their profits and their businesses

Digital Jobs Program

Through the digital jobs pillar of daring to shift, DOT supports young women and men to develop the digital skills needed to earn a decent livelihood in an evolving market. 

Offering a spectrum of opportunities across all skill levels – from basic digital literacy through to coding and AI essentials – young women and men in this digital jobs programs develop digital and financial literacy, career readiness, and 21st-century skills in a hands-on program that gives them real-world experience and connections with employers.

  • Youth increase their market-relevant digital skills.
  • Youth (particularly young women) qualify for and find jobs that require digital skills.
  • Youth grow their incomes and access to digital opportunities.

Here is a brief overview of the project and its programs.

DOT Tanzania Daring to Shift Project

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