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DOT Tanzania’s work is stronger thanks to the partnerships we create between local communities and the public, private, and civil sectors. Our partners provide us with critical resources, including funding, business and industry knowledge, and the local support we need to deliver our programs.

Our partnerships have helped us transform the lives of thousands of young people and women, and will help us transform the lives of thousands more.

We work directly with partners to deliver programs to support youth-led innovation and strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Tanzania. Our #EdTech partners help us spread digital literacy among educators and make technology accessible in the classroom. Our partners make it possible to mobilize the potential of young people and the power of technology in Tanzania.

  • Demonstrate commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Create opportunities for social good, economic change, and community development that are locally defined and responsive to changing community, country and global needs
  • Are part of a movement with lasting, sustained impact

DOT Tanzania has cultivated a dynamic partner ecosystem of public, private, education and community-based organizations in Tanzania. Key partners include Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF), Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA), the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Youth, and the University of Dar es Salaam. We are grateful for these partners’ support in helping us create opportunities and transform communities.

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