Press Release:Gender and Digital Skills Working Group

DOT Tanzania Leads Gender and Digital Skills Working Group Co-creation

Gender and Digital Skills Working Group Co-creation Workshop DOT Tanzania
A co-creation workshop on forming a Gender and Digital Skills Working Group led by DOT Tanzania

DOT Tanzania has seen an opportunity to develop a “Gender and Digital Skills Working Group” where digital skills stakeholders can engage to accelerate digital literacy among young women in Tanzania. 

The main objective is to achieve digital inclusion for young women, as well as reduce the current gender gap, which necessitates a concerted effort from all ICT stakeholders. These stakeholders include the development community, mobile networks operators, internet corporations, policymakers, and regulators. This working group will also serve as a support platform for organizations working toward the same goal to enhance skills, share impact, and broaden the beneficiary reach. 

Today DOT Tanzania is leading a co-creation workshop to design a working group of stakeholders who support women in digital spaces. Some of the attendees include representatives from the Ministry of ICT and TCRA. Development partners include Canadian High Commission, UN Women, European Union. 

Key Speakers:

  • Pamela O’Donnell, High Commissioner of Canada to Tanzania
  • Eng. Stephen Wangwe, Assistant Director of ICT, Ministry of Information, communication and information technology. 
  • Nkundwe Mwasaga, Director General of the ICT Commission.
  • Helen Fytche, Head of Cooperation, Canadian High Commission, Tanzania.

The co-creation and set up of the  Gender and Digital Skills Working Group will mark the start of productive collaboration among stakeholders working in the field of information and communication technologies. Organizations that want to be part of this working group should contact our Gender Officer Sekela Mwaipaja through

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